Bake Ovens

Greenstone Aria Ovens
If you enjoy cooking and the wonderful taste of fire cooked pizzas, breads, vegetables and roasts, our Aria Oven is for you. These game changing ovens combine the high temperatures needed to cook world-class pizzas, with the clean cooking environment of traditional masonry heater warming ovens. Historically, masonry heaters have been equipped with either a black high-temperature oven or a clean white oven that is only good for warming and low temperature cooking. Although the traditional black oven could achieve higher cooking temperatures, they were very difficult to keep clean and required continuous maintenance.
Our new Aria Ovens regularly achieve floor temperatures of over 550° F and air temperatures of 450° F, perfect for many styles of pizza. A couple of hours after your fire is out the oven will be in the mid-300’s and ready for breads, meats and a host of dutch oven recipes. The Aria Oven is a sealed chamber, isolated from the wood smoke path, and does not need the regular cleaning of other high-temperature ovens.

Cooking with a Greenstone Aria Soapstone Oven
Find out what many cultures have known for centuries… soapstone is one of Mother Nature’s greatest heating materials and non-stick cooking surfaces. Not only can you heat your home but you can create a unique and efficient cooking experience. Why fire up the gas or electric oven in your kitchen when your Aria Soapstone Oven is hot and ready to go? By using soapstone’s ability to cook evenly and consistently, you can turn your Greenstone heater into an entertaining centerpiece of your home.