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Bake Ovens

If you enjoy cooking adding a bake oven is a must! We can add one of two kinds of bake ovens to any of our base models. Keep in mind base models such as the Presidio and Ricota will need to be made taller to allow for the oven. (If you interested in a MINI with an oven you must upgrade to a larger model)

There are two types of oven:

White Oven: The “White Oven” is an oven box that is completely sealed within your heater. This means that there are no hot gases directly in the oven. These ovens operate cooler at temperatures between 250-350 degrees. The white oven is great for people that want to do breads and slower baking.

Black Oven: The “black oven” is an oven box that allows the hot gases from the firebox to flow directly through the oven which gives you the unique “smokey” flavors many people love. This oven gets hotter than the white oven and can reach temperatures of 400-700 degrees. This oven is best for people that want to cook pizzas or other foods at higher temperatures.