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Custom Design

Dream :: Evolve :: Inspire

Your heater design is only limited by imagination. You can start by adding a bake oven, bench, mantle, wood storage or a two-tone design. We can build a unit as a room divider with two doors and views of the fire from front and back. Your heater can be built into an interior wall with one wall facing a bedroom and the other into a living room. Our heaters can be installed in an existing home or easily integrated into your new construction design.

Greenstone Heat has developed what we call face panels to really customize the look of your heater. We can use smaller pieces of matching soapstone or a contrasting color/material with endless possibilities to change the aesthetics of a heater. Our team will sit down with you and custom design the heater to match and architecture, style or décor!

We can integrate:
• Two-tone Soapstone
• Granite
• Marble
• Metals
• Tile