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Renewable Fuel

A Greenstone Heat masonry heater may enhance the environment, safety and comfort of your home, as well as your health. They are safe, efficient and comfortable to live with. Also, the warm grain and color of soapstone masonry heaters make them beautiful “pieces of furniture” you can build a room around. Or in the present-day vernacular, they add architectural detail. Masonry heaters are gaining popularity among people who prefer using renewable resources. Wood fuel is also cost effective from an economic stand point. A recent price comparison using energy prices in the Northeast shows that wood is half the cost of fuel oil and natural gas, one-third the price of propane, and one-quarter the cost of electric heat. And because they use up to one-third less wood than conventional wood stoves, the case for masonry heaters is convincing. The following graph compares the costs of different types of energy:

Fuel Cost Comparison