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Standard Models

Corner :: Parallel :: Centerpiece

We offer standard designs for corner of room, against a wall or center of room installations. Our standard models can easily be made taller, wider or changed in any way to suit your needs. Adding or removing a bench or bake oven is a simple part of our process. Completely custom designs are also available. If you can dream it, we can build it

Greenstone Heat offers several standard model designs, which can be modified to accommodate your wants and needs. You can add a bench, mantle, hot water-coil, or bake-oven to most units. (All technical details are approximate.)

We are constantly expanding our product line up. Click here for a PDF with drawings of our current standard models. Call or click today for a price quote and detailed drawings and spec’s for your project.

Vitoria Series

Vitoria masonry heater

Body: 74.5”H x 40”W x 30”D
Width Bench: 64 inches
Space to heat: 1,800 to 2,500+ sq. feet
Weight: 7,500 to 10,000 lbs
Maximum wood load: 50 lbs

The Vitoria has the ability to heat a relatively large area and is well suited for areas that have cold winters and a reasonably large space to heat. If more mass is needed for more heat storage, it can be added in the design stage. The photo at left shows an offset chimney. Chimneys can be placed anywhere except in the front of the heater.

Download Vitoria specs in PDF print

Cantado Series

Cantado 6-OBi

Body: 74 1/2”H x 44 1/2”W x 24”D
Space to heat: 1,600 to 1,900+ sq. feet
Weight: 7,000 to 9,000 lbs.
Maximum wood load: 30 lbs.

Download Cantado specs in PDF print

Dorchester Series

Dorchester masonry heater

Body: 66”H x 42.5”W x 28”D
Space to heat: 1,500 to 2,500+ sq. feet
Weight: 6,000 to 10,000 lbs.
Maximum wood load: 40 lbs.

Rated at about 1400 square-foot heating capacity, the Dorchester masonry heater is a great mid-range sized unit. This heater is a good choice for areas where weather changes frequently, as its response time is quicker than the larger masonry heaters but you will also get much more heat than the smaller units. The Dorchester has the three sided door which provides a great look and style for any home.

Download Dorchester specs in PDF print

Cameron Series

Cameron masonry heater

Body: 63”H x 45”W x 32”D
Space to heat: 1,400 to 2,000+ sq. feet
Weight: 5,000 to 7,000 lbs.
Maximum wood load: 37 lbs.

Download Cameron specs in PDF print

Socorro Series

Socorro masonry heater

Body: 63”H x 38”W x 24”D
Space to heat: 1,200 to 1,800+ sq. feet
Weight: 4,500 to 7,000 lbs.
Maximum wood load: 35 lbs.

The Socorro’s smooth exterior lends itself especially well to contemporary homes. With the ability to heat a relatively large area, the Socorro is well suited for regions that have consistently cold winters and a relatively large space to heat. If more mass is needed for warmth, it can be added during the design stage.

Download Socorro specs in PDF print

Ricota Series

Ricota masonry heater

Body: 63”H x 44”W x 27”D
Space to heat: 1,200 to 1,800+ sq. feet
Weight: 4,500 to 7,000 lbs.
Maximum wood load: 30 lbs.

The Ricota’s exterior offers a unique foot-print that allows you to put a Masonry heater into the corner of the room. Depending on the layout of your home a corner unit may be the best fit. This unit offers a great look without taking up as much space into the room. The Ricota is a great option for integrating a masonry heater in any home.

Download Ricota specs in PDF print

Presidio Series

Presidio masonry heater

Body: 54”H x 35”W x 20”D
Space to heat: 1,000 to 1,400 sq. feet
Weight: 3,500 to 5,000 lbs.
Maximum wood load: 30 lbs.

With a heating area of 1,000 square feet, the Presidio is one of the smallest units we carry. This heater lends itself well to expansion. This smaller heater is especially useful in areas where weather changes are frequent, such as along the Front Range of the Rockies, because of its faster response time, meaning the heater heats up and cools down faster than larger models. The Presidio is an excellent choice for homes that have a secondary heating system.

Download Presidio specs in PDF print

Soledo Series

Soledo masonry heater

Body: 45”H x 33”W x 20”D
Space to heat: 800 to 1,000 sq. feet
Weight: 2,000 to 3,000 lbs.
Maximum wood load: 30 lbs.

The Soledo is our newest addition to our Base Models. This small sleek heater offers a great alternative to a traditional cast iron woodstove or fireplace at an affordable price! This unit will heat 800 square feet in a comfortable way and it will look great doing it! The SOLEDO also requires little to no foundation re-enforcement for installation.

Download Soledo specs in PDF print

Custom Series

Custom Series Masonry Heater

Body: custom dimension
Space to heat: 1,200+ sq. feet
Weight: 4,000+ lbs
Maximum wood load: 30 lbs

Download Custom Series specs in PDF print