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Greenstone was founded in 2008 with the mission of bringing the wonder of thermal mass radiant soapstone masonry heaters to America. Today we are proud to have introduced hundreds of families across the US to a better way to heat with wood. Our masonry heaters are designed and manufactured in Denver, Colorado with soapstone from Schuyler, Virginia.

Click Here to read our one-page white paper on what makes a Greenstone Masonry Heater so special.

* Enjoy the health, safety and comfort benefits of thermal-mass radiant wood heat.
* Heat your home with an average of 40 lbs of wood per day.
* Choose the environmentally friendly, cleanest wood burners on earth.
* Create amazing wood fired oven pizzas!

Now with two locations to better serve you, call or click today. Our offices and showroom are available by appointment only, so please call or email to schedule a time to meet. To request a quote, please click on the “Get Started” link at the top of this page.

Denver, Colorado 303.919.3706 or Westminster, Massachusetts 978.571.9949 or info@greenstoneheat.com