Flue Pipe + Chimney


We specify Class-A, Double-Wall Insulated Duravent flue pipe for our masonry heaters. Generally speaking, most people prefer a stainless steel pipe if it will remain exposed to the room and galvanized pipe if it will be covered or hidden by a wall or chimney. If left exposed, galvanized pipe can be painted to any color of your choosing, using a high temperature stove paint. The pictures above show three common flue pipe configurations. An active chimney, as shown above, can significantly add to the thermal mass of a masonry heater and add a truly custom look. With some limitations, our heaters can be designed with a top exit, side exit, or rear exit flue pipe.

Click Here for general flue pipe installation guidelines.

Generally, our smaller units will use a 6-inch interior diameter double-wall flue pipe, and larger units will use an 8-inch interior diameter double-wall flue pipe. You should have no more than a single offset, utilizing elbows of no greater than 30 degrees.
Soapstone chimneys are available in a wide variety of styles and configurations. Call or email today to discuss the flue pipe and chimney options for your project.