Flue Pipe + Chimney

Your Greenstone Masonry Heater will required a flue pipe to vent gases to the outside of the home. The flue pipe can exit out the top or through the back wall of the heater. As shown in the above pictures, the flue pipe can be an exposed black stove pipe, an exposed stainless steel chimney pipe or can be hidden in a wrap of soapstone. Side active chimneys are optional with most of our heaters and add additional thermal mass and efficiency to your masonry heater.

Our smaller units require a 6-inch, interior diameter double-wall flue pipe, and larger units will use an 8-inch interior diameter pipe. You should have no more than a single offset, utilizing elbows of no greater than 30 degrees. A 6″ clearance to combustible materials is required from double-wall black stove pipe and 2″ clearance to combustibles is required from the insulated, double-wall chimney pipe. To maintain consistent flue pipe draw, it is best that the flue pipe travel directly up above your masonry heater and remain in a condition space as long as possible.

We specify Class-A, Double-Wall Insulated Selkirk Metalbest chimney pipe. The link below will provide essential installation instructions.

Click Here for general flue pipe installation guidelines.