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Safety and Comfort

Discover the benefits of safe, comfortable, allergy reducing wood heat

While convection heaters produce draftiness circulating dust, dirt and even molds and mildew throughout the heated area, radiant heat provides even temperatures from floor to ceiling. It works on the same principle as the sun does warming the earth on a calm spring day. I am reminded of a conversation I had with a chiropractor about a dozen years ago. I had been in an auto accident and received a whiplash injury from another auto hitting me from behind. This happened in the fall of the year. During the winter I commented to the doctor that I was concerned that it was taking so long to heal from the injury. He replied, wait until spring when the sun comes back and you will heal very quickly. I waited rather impatiently until spring came and his advice proved to be right on! Within a few weeks I was substantially improved and my visits to his office dropped dramatically.

Radiant heat provides a similar environment, as the sun’s rays warming the earth in the spring, which promotes a healthier environment in which to live. Conventional wisdom holds that frequent, dramatic temperature changes are hard for the body to adjust to. In Colorado, that’s exactly what we experience and meteorologists refer to our climate as harsh. It is harsh on the people who live here as well as the plants and trees. Delicate vegetation does not survive here on its own. Convection heaters produce draftiness and uneven temperatures which can leave one feeling decidedly uncomfortable. Temperatures are substantially warmer at the ceiling, while the area near the floor can be quite cool, as well as our feet. No wonder we love our warm slippers in the winter! We also run our humidifiers, especially in the fall and winter after we have turned our furnaces on. The furnace dries out the air and circulates last season’s dust and pollens around our homes. The humidifiers not only add moisture to the dry air, the water molecules tend to attach to the dust and allergens to pull them to the floor or the furniture!

Just imagine the radiant heater. Its thermal mass keeps slowly giving off its gentle heat and the room is warmed pretty evenly, so the floor isn’t dramatically cooler than the ceiling. It doesn’t dry out the air. It doesn’t circulate dust, pollen or anything else throughout the room irritating those with sensitivities. One beauty of radiant heat is that you have a much greater temperature range that is comfortable because the radiant heat is not just warming the air, but everything in the room! The heater doesn’t burn you if you touch it because the surface temperature is about 150°F to 170°F, although possibly somewhat higher around the fuel door. If the heater is fired properly, the heat is radiated rather evenly throughout the day and night. Your body doesn’t have to adjust to dramatic changes in warmth or cold throughout the course of a day because there is no need to.